Tokyo for Food Lovers

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Jonas Cramby
 Paperback | 176 pages
160 x 220mm
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Tokyo For Food Lovers is the foodie’s guide to Tokyo for those looking for a contemporary and accessible cross-section of its coolest food spots. With over 120 recommendations for food, drink & beyond, discover smoky yakiniku eateries and steaming ramen restaurants, cocktail bars the size of wardrobes and rowdy punkizaya joints with fantastic small plated dishes and spotlessly clean lavatories, all across the new food scene of Tokyo.

Each entry’s review gives you the location, contact details, ordering recommendations, and important information like how early to arrive to factor in waiting in line time (key for top quality ramen in Tokyo!). Breakout sections give you info on things like how exactly you use a ramen machine, and the gourmet delights of the Japanese convenience store.

Chapters are organised by different types of food – explore Tokyo through your tastebuds by finding the best ramen & tsukemen, udon, soba & tempura, yakiniku, yakitori & yakiton, Japanese curry, gyoza & biru, tonkatsu, sushi, izakaya, fast food & sweet treats, coffee & tea, craft beer, natural wine & sake, and Japanese bars! So whatever you’re craving, Tokyo For Food Lovers has you covered, with a cross-section of fun, cheap and fabulously good eateries.