Andrew Martin Interior Design Review : Vol. 25. The Definitive Guide to the World’s Top 100 Designers

$ 140.00

 Martin Waller
Hardback | 512 pages
35 x 317 x 50.8mm | 3,838g
 Te Neues Media GmbH & Co.

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“Whether you’re a traditionalist or a modernist, a minimalist, or a maximalist, you are sure to find a designer to suit your tastes (and some who will challenge it) in Andrew Martin: Interior Design Review Vol 25.” – Harrods Magazine

Vintage or modern? Sleek minimalism or splendid opulence? Scandinavian hygge or Neon Art? For all that is emerging and on trend in the world of interiors, look no further than the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review Vol. 25. Compiled by founder Martin Waller, dubbed the “Indiana Jones of Interior Design,” this anniversary edition of the interior design bible showcases the diverse creations of 100 leading interior designers, including the winner of the “Designer of the Year” award. Regardless of whether you are looking for inspiring design ideas for your own home or simply want to sneak a peek at beautiful interior spaces, this vibrant coffee table book will delight design lovers around the globe.