Resident Dog: Incredible Homes and the Dogs That Live There

$ 45.00

 Nicole England
Hardback | 240 pages
206 x 259 x 28mm | 1,102g
 Thames & Hudson Australia Pty

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Just as every home is different, so is every dog. In this stunningly photographed book of architecturally superb houses – many of them architects’ own homes – we see how the presence of a dog brings warmth and life to the most dramatic spaces. From mid-century raw brick to a penthouse apartment, gracious Edwardian to Scandinavian modern, from beach house to country retreat, there is always room for a dog or two. Seemingly oblivious to designer furniture, heritage considerations or serious design aesthetics, dogs can make themselves at home anywhere. In fact, the rooms in this book are all the more appealing because of their resident dog.