The Pink Book: Fashion, Styles & Stories

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Heide Christiansen, Martin Fraas
Hardback | 208
teNeues Media

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Introducing the second fashion title dedicated to the mega topic in fashion: colours, in the new series Fashion, Styles & Stories

  • The exquisite design and luxurious feel transform the coffee-table book into a fashion icon itself
  • Text in English and German

The Pink Book: Fashion, Styles & Stories is a dedicated series that comprehensively explores one of the most important themes in the fashion industry: colours. As the title suggests, this book focuses on all shades of pink, from vibrant fuchsia to delicate rose. The two authors, Heide Christiansen and Martin Fraas, showcase the power and allure that pink embodies through captivating runway shots.

These dynamic fashion photographs were captured at major haute couture shows by renowned designers and brands like Dior, Chanel, and Gucci, or emerged as street style photography from the bustling life of a metropolis. Christiansen and Fraas not only provide impressive visuals but also narrate intriguing backstories. The significance of the colour pink becomes the central theme around which an entire world of images and stories is constructed.

Any fashion enthusiast will be thrilled by this unique coffee table book. It serves as an inspiration for those passionate about fashion brands, high fashion, and the runways of the fashion industry. With its luxurious presentation and exquisite tactile quality, The Pink Book: Fashion, Styles & Stories almost becomes a fashion item itself. It is suitable as an upscale gift or a standout piece for any home library.

Text in English and German.