Pass it on: A Gujarati Indian cookbook

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 Shobna Kalyan, Keryn Kalyan
Pass It On Cookbook Ltd

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Mouth watering authentic recipes passed down through family generations from Gujarat in India, to New Zealand.

The Gujarati cuisine bursts with delicious aromatic and vibrant flavours that pop and dance on your palate and will keep you coming back for more. Created by mother and daughter, Shobha Kalyan and Keryn Kalyan, Pass It On features over 100 recipes with colourful food photography, showcasing the delicious food and bright culture of
Gujarat. There’s something for everyone with recipes for Traditional Curries, Rotli Bread, Samosas, Bombay Mix, Spiced Barbecue Charcoal Lamb Kebabs, Chutneys, Masala Chai, Mango Kulfi and so much more. It’s also full of tips and tricks for Gujarati cooking techniques, and secret recipes to make your own aromatic spice grinds from scratch.

Pass It On also tells a story of Shobha’s family being one of the first Gujaratis to arrive in New Zealand, and how she and her family learnt to cook through their senses rather than following a written recipe. Now that these recipes are documented in this cookbook, authenticity will be preserved as generations continue.

This stunning new cookbook is one that will definitely spice up your bookshelf!