Taste the World in Marseille: Marseille Cuisine by the Marseillais

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 Verane Frediani
Hardcover | 288 pages

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Situated on France’s southern coast along the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is the country’s oldest city, whose unique character is shaped by its inhabitants and their remarkable culinary diversity. Marseille’s authentic flavors escape classification, as the seaport city offers an array of foods, ranging from French and Provençal to home cooking and gourmet.

In this feast of a book, Marseille native, journalist, and gourmand Vérane Frédiani captures a portrait of a city through its food and culinary figures. With 70 recipes that include pizza, couscous, seafood, and much more, Taste the World in Marseille offers something for every kind of food lover, and brings the city’s gastronomical recognition, cosmopolitan vibrancy, and remarkable history to readers living outside of its most iconic neighborhoods.